Do you remember Elizabeth?

In 1889 a purpose-built fire station was built in Church Street, Fenny Stratford. The first fire engine had seen many years of service and at the ripe old of age of 92 was replaced by a new one. By 1920 only one of the horses was ‘fit enough’ to pull the fire engine so it was decided to pull it by a lorry owned by a local haulage contractor.

In 1942 the National Fire Service took over responsibility for the local fire service, previously run by the local council; this was in response to the threat of possible air raids on the country.

In 1960 the Church Street premises were deemed to be too small and a new purpose built station was erected in Sherwood Drive, Bletchley.

One of the old fire engines named ‘Elizabeth’ was presented to a local school; this was enjoyed by the children especially as the old bell was still in place.

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  • I lived in 5 Woodbine Terrace just off Church St and as a little boy on a Sunday morning I went to the Salvation Army, the children’s entrance was down the steps, that’s next to the fire station and one day the back of the chip shop caught fire and the fire engine was down there, the chief had a white hard hat, putting it out I’m not sure if the fire engine came from Church St or Sherwood drive but it was great excitement for the little boys and girls.

    By Jim Gibbison (29/03/2021)
  • Foot note, as well I remember riding on this fine old girl, with my Dad, and another Fireman, Percey Hill, going round the local villages, testing fire hydrants on a Sunday morning, with the obvious stop at about dinner time at a pub. Good job, it was a lovely summers day, must have been perishing on a winters night, going to a fire, as she could certainly whip along.

    By John Lloyd (11/11/2017)
  • When I got to know Lizzie, she had been superceded by a Commer Fire engine, which my dad regulary turned out on, being a retained fireman then at Church Street, the officer in charge was Ron Culley, Lizzie resided in the old AFS brick built garage at the rear of Fenny Stratford Fire station, but was turned out to fires fairly regularly when required. One such incident in which she played a major role was the fire at Valentine, Ord and Nagle on high Street.My dad was on the first attendance, which would have been the commer, but he said many a time, that although she was never able to carry water, unlike the new and up coming appliances were, at that fire and i quote ” she pumped her bleeding heart out, which helped us whilst waiting for back up crews”

    By John Lloyd (11/11/2017)

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