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I was born in Newport Pagnell, the Westbury hospital in 1962. I lived on the Saints estate, in Bletchley with my three brothers and one sister. My parents Joe and Olive had moved down from London and loved their new home on the Saints Estate. It was great growing up in Bletchley as everyone knew everyone, or knew brothers, sisters or parents. We felt very safe, in this small community. I loved meeting up with friends at the Compass club, and dancing the night away. Then, the older we got, we moved on to Peaches night club, which was previously Tramps and then changed to Razzels. I  left home and purchased a home on the Windmill hill, where I lived with my then boyfriend, now husband. I today live in Tattenhoe, Milton Keynes with our two children. We watched the house being built and we finally moved in 1997.


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  • Jenn, I know Mrs Booden she was Chris and Stevens mum, and lives in Newport now. I used to stay at their house in Bradville regularly.

    By KP (12/01/2023)
  • Jenn. The Mrs Booden you were talking about was that Pat’s mum?

    By Traci (24/12/2022)
  • I too was born at Westbury Hospital in 1966 and we lived in Rhondda Close in Bletchley before living in Cyprus for a few years and then returning to the UK, I’m guessing it’s now the site of the Westbury Grange Carehome? I would be interested to know if that is correct 🙂

    By Ken Bruty (11/01/2022)
  • Hi I was born in 1963 in Avon grove and then moved to Middlesex drive until 1974 when my mum re married and we moved up to Bolton my memories of bletchley . I attended wellsmead junior school . Every Saturday when we got our pocket money we would walk to bunces and get a comic and sweets back in them days you could roam any where with your friends as we did quite a lot . And after school we go home then we would all meet our friends house and make a den . My friends where Nigel White John Gardner ste Gerrarth.i come down once or twice to put flowers on my dad’s grave at Saint Mary’s

    By Phil (31/12/2021)
  • I think your brother was in my class at St Thomas’s.

    By Chris Kurton (30/01/2021)
  • Hello
    In response to a request about staff at Westbury Lane, when it was a maternity unit, a lady in my road worked there. Her name was Mrs Boodon and she lived in Withington, Bradville in 1980s

    By Jenn (19/01/2021)
  • I was the promotions manager for ray and hazel Bain as Razells evolved into outer limits and behond

    By Deborah Barnfield (18/12/2020)
  • hello, i am interested in the westbury maternity home around the mid 60s. i believe it was demolished about 1987. does anyone have any photos of it or info about it. and people who worked there. please email me. thanks steve

    By stephen borsbey (08/01/2020)
  • It was an even nicer place to live back in 1952. My Father, Mother, and younger sister moved here from Brighton in April of that year. We lived on the Saints Estate and it felt like a palace. We even had a garden of our own. There was a farm nearby, Mr & Mrs Gibbs at Badlands Farm. She made the most wonderful butter, and they sold eggs. They always called me Saundry for some reason. This small country town was an ideal place for children to grow up in. Then, as we got older, Top of The Pops at Wilton Hall was where it all happened for us. It is not the same now, progress happened, and sadly, not always for the better.

    By sandra Waite (14/03/2018)
  • My brother was born in 1962 and i came along in 1970. He met his first serious girlfriend in Peaches.
    Bletchley was great back then, we loved Bletchley Leisure Centre with its slide, its not the same now sadly.

    By Amanda (11/12/2017)

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