The Day The Circus Came To Town

Tattenhoe Lane 1969
Tattenhoe Lane 1969
Tattenhoe Lane 1969
Tattenhoe Lane 1969

Imagine the excitement when the circus came to town in about 1969. I have attached two photos I took of an elephant parading up Tattenhoe Lane.

I’ve many happy memories of living in Bletchley. I went to Bletchley Grammar School and remember being taught by: Miss Marrison; Mrs Hawes; Mr Shiers; Mr Shakeshaft; Mr Thornhill: Mr Pilcher; and Mr Halewood, all fine teachers.

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  • my nan and grandads house also backed on to the market fields- (where sainsbury now stands)as a sixties pre-teenager, the area was an adventure playground and we had freedom to explore- from the fields, to the river and i well remember times in the market fields,spending all day at the market, swinging on the gates, walking the walkway above the livestock- off to ramsbothams up brooklands road, then down to the brook in its natural state before it was concreted-before baccara grove was developed we played on the cleared land, in summer staying out as late as we could-i remember it as if it was yesterday-where are you now caz

    By steve garrett (30/07/2017)
  • I remember the circuses on the Market Fields. My grans house was in Duncombe Street abbacked onto the fields. I also went to BGS and remember all those teachers especially Phil Pilcher.

    By John hounsham (01/06/2015)

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