The Little Streets in Wolverton

A back alley view

The ‘little streets’ in Wolverton – Ledsam Street, Glyn Square, Young Street and Creed Street were built by the London and North Western Railway Company between 1840 and 1846 to house its workers.This photo, taken in the 1960s before demolition, is the back alley of Ledsam Street and Young Street, looking north towards Church Street.

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  • My uncle and aunt lived at 24 Young Street in the early 50s. They were Dot & Bill Piper.

    By Ron Johnson (17/10/2023)
  • My Aunt was killed at 19 Young Street when the garden wall fell upon her in 1935.
    Originally from Crewe moved there with her husband for the railway.

    By Roger Wakefield (16/10/2022)
  • Being born 1947 in 49 Creed Street we spend many hours playing in the back alleys and on the triangle.. also loved sitting on church wall opposite our house to watch all the weddings..

    By Margaret Crew was Clarke (13/09/2022)
  • I was born in Creed street in 1953 can’t remember the number but it was a few doors away from Billingham’s fish and chip shop and opposite the church gates, we went into care around 1959 so had gone before the streets were knocked down.

    By Richard Clarke (22/07/2022)
  • I can also remember I think it was 14 Creed st. It was where my Auntie Queen Walker lived till she moved back to young street

    By Peter Knightley (09/07/2021)
  • I can just about remember my Nan living at 13 Young street and the house used to back onto the stables.My dads sisters lived there till they were demolished and they moved to Stacey Ave.

    By Peter Kightley (26/06/2021)
  • My husbands grandfather was 7 Alfred Cook his name number 622 Young Street with 2 brothers and 2 sisters

    By Chrissie Cook (10/06/2020)
  • As a child in the 50s I can remember my mum mentioning that name Leadsom Street but don’t know if they ever lodged there as they where evacuated from London in the Blitz but never seemed to fit in anywhere and had loads of addresses the last one being on a farm in Stantonbury over the fields from Stanton avenue ,I left there at three years old to live in Fog cottages Loughton until 1960 J.Mabbutt nee Doddington

    By Josephine Mabbutt (09/04/2020)
  • My Dad lived at number one Young Street with his Mum and Dad and one brother and four sisters from 1919 to around 1942 when he got married

    By Pauline (27/01/2018)
  • I lived in 21 young street all during the war. Many memories of families who lived in the little streets. I left in 1951 to join the army. My father remained in young street until the house was demolished. Then he was moved into the gables

    By brian guntrip (06/08/2017)
  • I lived in 58 Young Street mid 50s’ next to Peter Lewis who with his friend Phillip Eaton managed to break my collar bone and my dad pushed me round to Dr. Files surgery and was sent by ambulance to Northampton hospital. We used to play in the grounds of what we called the Big House, built camps and tree housed loads of fun and fresh air. Weekly bath on Sundays lol rest of the week the spiders lived in the bath whilst it hung in the back yard next to the outside look. I also remember the Gibbons’ family especially Susan and Anthony. Happy days x

    By Patricia Richards (19/02/2017)
  • I can remember these streets a friend of mine used to live in one of them in Creed Street. My Dad was brought up in one of them in Young Street No.1. He was one of 6 children I also remember them being pulled down in the early 1960’s

    By Pauline Wootton (13/12/2015)
  • I lived in Ledsam St from 1937–1948 and Linda is correct that rear access’s were always known as Back Ways.John K

    By John Kingston (29/09/2015)
  • Born and raised until mid teens in Wolverton. Lived on church st and family owned the former “Donnies” shop at 30 church st. We left England 20 years ago, and much has changed in Wolverton, though the Agora remains with its daily markets. We kids grew up playing in the alleys– now many seem gated off. Wolverton was a beautiful small town in 1980’s, early 1990’s. Many good memories. I remember the small library on cambridge st and the church in the “square” where we would go for boys brigade, the wolverton swimming pool crowded in the summer and Madcap on creed st where we would make lanterns.

    By Raj (14/07/2015)
  • Havoing lived and played in the ‘Little Streets’ for 14 years they were called back allys, not back ways.

    By John (15/12/2014)
  • Remember young street as my mate Peter Lewis lived at 60 alongside a wall off rail sleepers . above which where the mansion house grounds where the block of flats are now

    By David Thorn (20/09/2014)
  • I lived at 45 Creed Street for a year with Grandpa Harry Sear and recall the severe Winter of 1947 all too well! There was a fish and chip shop next door but the quality of food was rather grim due to the difficulty of getting wholesome cooking oil.

    My mother was able to have the original gas lighting improved, moving from a twin jet fitting to proper mantles. Later on most of the nearby houses were electrified I believe although Grandpa resisted this to the end.

    By Dennis H. Sear (02/05/2014)
  • Having lived and played for 13 years in The Little Streets of Wolverton the back areas were referred to as ” back ways” not alley.

    By linda richards (17/01/2013)

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