My Memories of growing up in Wolverton

My Memories of growing up in Wolverton

I have lived in Wolverton all my life and seen many changes. Most of all the countryside disappeared when Milton Keynes was built. The town has stayed relatively the same apart from the Agora being built in the late 1970’s and splitting Wolverton in two. I remember going to the cinema “The Empire” in Church Street and vaguely remember the “Palace” along the Stratford Road as a cinema. I remember the double decker buses going up Radcliffe Street, the 392 and down Windsor Street on their way to and from Stony Stratford. I also remember going on the train from Wolverton Station to London and Northampton and also on holiday to Margate. When I was a child they were steam trains. I also remember going on the “Nobby Newport” train to the dentist at Newport Pagnell.

I remember playing in the fields behind the recreation ground at the top of Western Road and walking across the fields to the A5 and coming out at Kiln Farm and walking back to Stony Stratford, sometimes we would get the bus back to Wolverton from the Bus Station at Stony Stratford. I also remember when I was very young coming back from Stony Stratford on the bus and leaving my teddy on the front seat of the double decker bus and Dad having to go back to the bus stop by the Craufurd Arms to wait for the bus to come back and go and fetch him off the top deck. Dad said he was still sitting in the same place as I had left him.

We used to have to go to Newport Pagnell to go swimming before Wolverton Pool was built and when it was, we thought it was the best thing in the world as we did not have to travel to get a swim in the summer. I think I spent most of the school summer holidays there.

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  • I reflect on this from having grown up with Pauline in Wolverton. I was then Pauline Howe and have lived in Cornwall since !976.
    I went to school at the Radcliffe and did spend a large part of my early years at Wolverton Swimming pool with Pauline.
    I lived in Jersey Road and my dad was the Manager of Jersey Road Coop.

    By Pauline Lewis(nee Howe) (18/04/2020)
  • I remember and then the Palace Cinema It was later turned into a dance hall,it wasn’t the easiest place to dance a nice wood floor the only problem was it sloped toward the stage where cinema seats had been and on a Saturday night when it was crowded it sometimes difficult to avoid the supporting pillars in the middle of the floor in the dark .Also on a Saturday morning matinee at the Empire cinema in Church St the trick of one kid paying to get in and then going to the toilet and letting all his friends in through the fire doors leading to the alleyway was often successful until one morning the manager found at least 10 kids in the toilets waiting to come into the cinema one by one unnoticed.Interesting about Wolverton steam trains I remember the express from London coming through non stop at high speed and coal coming off the top of the tender and bouncing down the platform no one hurt surprisingly,

    By Paul Sapwell (29/07/2017)
  • I also remember all of this. A happy childhood in the “old Wolverton”. We regularly went on the Nobby Newport to visit family, and as Dad worked at the Railway Works we always had the works July fortnight, so holidays by train. It’s a real shame that lots of the old railway buildings are now lost.

    By Sue Travell (01/03/2015)
  • I also remember all this, and the Woverton carnival that paraded around the town, coming down Cambridge Street outside our home. I also remember enjoying the firework displays that we’re held at the Sports Ground. Don’t mention the old station… What a tragedy that was taken down.

    By Michael Pearson (19/01/2014)

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