Wolverton's Second Station

The second train station was built in 1840 just down the line from the first station. The station was probably the finest of all three stations. It took only about five months to build and had the most wonderful refreshment rooms which had kitchens and cellars in both building either side of the tracks there was also an ice house constructed on the south side of the site.

The up side refreshment room was the first to be built and was 2 stories high the down side building was only 1 story.

It is said that the second station was built because the first one was too small and sited in the wrong place. The station closed in 1880 and the land wasredevelopedas paint shop. The only buildings to survive was the carriage or engine shed which was used by the works as workshops – more on this building to follow. Now in 2011 the only remains of this station is the platform edges and the old office block from the goods yard which is in very poor state like most of the abandoned buildings.

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  • What are your view about the proposed demolition of Wolverton Works and replacing it with housing???

    By Mandi Meek (03/01/2016)
  • The first station was in the only place it could be as circumstances were in 1838. The railway owned the embankment and the 8 acres used for the workshop and cottages. There really was nowhere else for the station. The Radcliffe Trust owned the rest. When they acquired the extra 13 1/2 acres to the south they immediately built the second station and abandoned the first. However this also meant building a new road a bridge across the canal.

    By Bryan Dunleavy (12/01/2011)

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