Residents tell their stories in our new film marking Fishermead's 50th anniversary

Fishermead residents young and old tell their stories in a new documentary film produced by Living Archive MK – stories of landing in Fishermead, being welcomed and building a diverse and strong community.

The film is part of Fishermead’s celebration of its 50th birthday on Sunday 2nd July.  Hundreds of residents and visitors will be watching the film as it is screened throughout the afternoon at the Fishermead Mosque.

The film is also a part of a Living Archive MK project revealing and celebrating 35 years since a spacecraft crash landed in a Willow’s School Playground (Previously Newlyn Place ) in 1988.  When an alien called Zerena emerged from the spaceship the children were very scared but then they quickly realised how much Zerena needed them. The children welcomed and secretly cared for the alien for 6 weeks before finally helping her into a helicopter for the start of the journey home to her planet.

Like the children who took care of Zerena, Fishermead is celebrating itself as a place of welcome for people who come from a many different diverse backgrounds. It has provided a safe and caring environment since it was built 50 years ago and there is great sense of pride and optimism about the estate’s future. According to the residents speaking in the film, Fishermead is a place of pleasant surprises and is getting cleaner, greener, safer and stronger every day. The 50th anniversary is great time to reveal the magical story of Zerena and the even more magical stories of the people who live in Fishermead today.

Watch the film on our YouTube channel here:

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  • I remember as a 14 year old delivering the citizen newspaper The flats smelled of urine and they had those plunger type light switches that if you ran fast enough you could get in and out without it turning dark Even back then it was a bit dodgy used come home covered in newspaper ink

    By mark davies (30/09/2023)

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