Aerial views of unidentified areas of MK

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  • The third image in this set of 4 shows the view looking east over St Andrews Hospital in Northampton.

    Northampton School for Boys and it’s playing fields can be seen just beyond.

    The River Nene is over towards the right. The A5095 Rushmere Road crosses The Nene diagonally and continues towards the top of the image where it meets with Billing Road in the top left.

    Branching towards the viewer from Rushmere Road is Rushmere Avenue and Cranmere Avenue.

    If you were to look at this view today, you would see William Wake House in the centre foreground with Cliftonville House to its right.

    The new A45 would be seen on the right of the view.

    The formal lawn which dominates the picture can still be seen today.

    By Sarah (28/11/2021)
  • The first image in this set of 4 is a view looking towards the south-west and shows Walton Lake being built.

    In the bottom left of the frame is the River Ouzel. The feature on the river that can be seen just before the river snakes off the left-hand edge of the frame was an old crossing point.

    This particularly acute bend in the river was later straightened but the remains of it can still be seen from the air today.

    If you were to look at this same view today, you would have the Walton Hall campus of the Open University off to your left. Woughton on the Green would be over to your right. You would see the Grand Union Canal would be in the distance.

    By Sarah (26/11/2021)
  • The fourth image in this set of 4 is a view of Stantonbury Roundabout looking north.

    A small part of Linford Wood can be seen on the right.

    The hedgerow trailing off into the distance in the top right of the picture follows the path of a small water course. Bother features remain today.

    The squarish clump of trees towards the top left represent what would have been the old ‘Stanton High’, now the site of Naseby Court on Bradville.

    Were you to look at this view today, you would see part of Heelands to the bottom left of the image. Stantonbury School would be to the upper-right of the roundabout.

    By Sarah (21/11/2021)
  • The second image in this set of 4 was taken somewhere over the Gayhurst/Tyringham area. It’s looking south-west at the M1 motorway with Linford Lakes in the background. Newport Pagnell Services are just off the left-hand edge of the picture.

    By Sarah (21/11/2021)

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