Aerial views of unidentified areas of MK

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  • The first image in this set of 4 is a view of Wavendon looking towards the south-east.

    The structure near the bottom of the image is Miltonhall farm which has since been demolished. The spot where is stood is now a landscaped verge between 76 Frithwood Crescent (Kents Hill) and Tongwell Street (V11).

    The new road that sweeps across the centre of the image is Groveway (H9).

    Leading from Groveway is the road to Wavendon Tower, which was the base for the Milton Keynes Development Corporation.

    The building on the right-hand edge of the picture has now been replaced by the new Dixie Lane in the new Wavendon Gate estate.

    In the distance is Woburn Sands.

    If you were to look at this view today, you would see Brinklow industrial estate in the bottom left of the picture. Wavendon village is now almost completely surrounded by new housing developments.

    Half way up the left-hand edge of the image would be the large roundabout of the present-day junction of Newport Road, Groveway (H9) and the Standing Way (H8). Standing Way is part of the A421 which continues down towards Junction 13 on the M1.

    This is one of the rare spots in Milton Keynes where two ‘H’ (horizinal) roads (Ways) meet.

    By Sarah (28/11/2021)
  • The third image in this set of 4 shows Tinkers Bridge (note that the image has inadvertently been published back-to-front).

    The view is looking south towards Simpson Village.

    By Sarah (21/11/2021)
  • The second image in this set of four shows Stantonbury Roundabout from the south. I similar view that includes a few more landmarks can be found in a different set of images within this archive (

    By Sarah (21/11/2021)
  • The fourth image in this set of 4 is looking north-east over Galley Hill. Watling street runs from left to right of the image.

    Fullers Slade is on the right-hand side of the image and Old Wolverton can be seen in the distance.

    Greenleys and Wolverton Mill are yet to be developed.

    By Sarah (21/11/2021)

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