Aerial views of unidentified areas of MK

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  • The third image in this set of 4 shows Hodge Lea roundabout under construction, looking towards the west. Hodge Lea roundabout is a stone’s throw from Milton Keynes Museum (formerly Staceyhill Farm)

    The road that extends towards the top right corner of the image would become part of Great Monks Street (V5).

    The road that extends from the roundabout to the top of the image would become part of Millers Way (H2).

    In the bottom right of the image is the end of Woodland View in Wolverton. Although there was no woodland nearby when that street was built, it’s quite possible that Linford Wood (approximately 3 miles to the east) would have been visible.

    By Sarah (23/11/2021)
  • The fourth image in this set of 4 is a view of what would become Marina Roundabout. Marlborough Street (V8) can be seen extending off to the left (north). The Grand Union Canal, including the site of Milton Keynes Marina, can be seen just beyond the road. Beyond the canal is Woughton on the Green.

    If you were to look at this view today, you would have Milton Keynes University Hospital just off to the left. Netherfield would be on the right, on the other side of what would be Standing Way (H8).

    Marina Roundabout is now one of a pair which are situated very close together. The other is Netherfield Roundabout which would come to be built slightly up and to the right from Marina Roundabout.

    By Sarah (21/11/2021)
  • The second of the images in this set of 4 is of Simpson village looking north.

    Simpson Drive and the beginnings of Groveway (H9) can be seen to the right, as can a small part of the Open University Ring Road.

    The Grand Union Canal runs through the image from top to bottom.

    The new housing development in the top half of the picture is Tinkers Bridge and Woughton Park.

    The Plough Inn is almost in the centre of the image and St Thomas’s Church is half way down the right-hand side.

    By Sarah (21/11/2021)
  • The first image in this set of 4 was taken from above the old Denbigh Hall looking north- west. The West Coast Mainline rail track extends into the distance (towards the right) as does Watling Street (towards the left).

    An old clay pit can be seen between the two. This is now the site of The National Bowl.

    In the bottom left corner of the image can be seen the start of Whaddon Way.

    The buildings in the centre foreground were Wood Farm. This is now the site of Bletchley Trade Park on Drew Court.

    Further away along Watling Street you can make out the location of Nomansland, now the site of a layby with fast food outlets.

    Were it not for the haze in the distance, you might just be able to make out Stony Stratford at the top of Watling street and Wolverton at the top of the railway line.

    By Sarah (21/11/2021)

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