Reginald cottages, Denbigh Road

Reginald cottages
Reginald cottages

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  • I’m trying to research family tree. My great aunt sister to my grandad on maternal side married Reginald St. Leon. Sir Herbert Leon was his uncle I think and lived and owned bletchley Park. But I can’t find details of Reginald. I never met him. But no one talked much about him. So was pleased to see some of this story. Love the photo of cottages. Thank you for sharing

    By Sylvia Kerr-Morgan (02/02/2022)
  • Happy days, My father was a loco driver and we lived in number 7 Reginald Cottages until we got a council house in Oakwood Drive. We had great times exploring the rolling stock on top of the shale hill which was in front of the cottages, we used to slide down it on tin sheets, in summer it was covered in blackberries, so everyone made pies and jam. The houses had outside loos across a yard within a barn/storage area and each garden was very long stretching down to the brook and the beginning of the Industrial Estate. My dad had 2 apple trees on his and he grew every veg you could think of! All of us kids played together in the surrounding fields, belonging to Mr Howard, a local farmer, he had cows and sheep in the fields. We used to go fishing and swimming in the gravel pits , crossing the A5 Watling Street to do so, sometimes mum and dad came too so we took a picnic and made a day of it! All of the dads used to walk up the shale heap path to go to work, or across the fields. My dad took me shunting a few times and I had egg and bacon off the shovel and toast browned off in the fire! Some of the names I remember of the people that lived, the Lee’s, Goulds, Ayres, Cassidy’s (I think), Mr Baker at number 5, he had a motor bike and was the first to get a black and white television!! Pearce’s at number 8, us at number 7 and I forget who lived next door to us at number 6, sorry!! We used to walk up to Fenny Stratford along the A5 to go to school, then all the way back home again! Not heard of nowadays! I left school at 15, joined the R.N. and now live in N.Yorks, but I’ll always remember my days in Bletchley!

    By Peter Jones (13/07/2021)

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