The Castles Estate Shopping Centre, Whaddon Way

The Castles Estate Shopping Centre
The Castles Estate Shopping Centre

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  • I am the son of Peter Harrington who founded HARRINGTONS in the Castle Shopping centre.Sadly he died in 2018 followed by my mum 5 years later. I dont have any real memories of the shop as I was only 5/6 years old when we moved away from Bletchley in 1962/3. I do know that everybody knew the shop as HARRINGTONS for a number of years later,in fact I believe decades later, so would be interested to know if the shopping centre still exists and if so what year did the Harrington sign come down or has it survived after all these years? I do know that dad was forced to sell the business as a supermarket opened directly opposite so killed his trade overnight so would like to know what other type of businesses operated there while still keeping the Harringtons name on the shopfront.

    By Tony Harrington (25/04/2024)

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