Eight Belles Hotel, Buckingham Road,Bletchley

Eight Belles Hotel
Eight Belles Hotel

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  • My father, Frank Bowman, ran the pub from about 1960 until the mid-70s. When we moved there it was called the Eight Bells but he renamed it the Eight Belles soon after we arrived after he was told that a member of (I think, but my memory is vague as I was a schoolboy and not greatly interested) the Leon family had eight daughters who were known as the ‘Eight Belles of Bletchley’. He had a new sign painted with eight Edwardian ladies on it. The Leon family did, of course, own Bletchley Park before WW2.

    By John Bowman (11/03/2022)
  • I have a Mornington Cannon Cup golf medal dated May 1907. Won by R R Lamb and history of the Bletchley golf club used the 8 Bells Hotel

    By Tony Jeffs (19/10/2020)
  • why is it called eight Belles referring to women not bells?

    By Jenny Hinton (20/09/2020)
  • Hi

    I would love to know how the Eight Belles came up with its name.

    By Tony Wood (18/09/2020)

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