Days of Pride Live!

The Story of Wolverton and New Bradwell 1913 - 1918

Days of Pride Live! CD cover
Days of Pride Live! CD cover

Created in 1981 from the taped memories of New Bradwell resident Hawtin Mundy, the show focused on the Great War of 1914-18.

The thrill of joining up to serve your country, the horror of the battlefields, the helplessness of a prisoner of war, the poignancy of going back home – all come alive not only in the songs created for the show, but also in the books and tapes inspired by Hawtin’s irrepressible story-telling, see No Heroes No Cowards and I’ll Tell You What Happened.

The songs here are taken from the revival of the play in 1994 – a tighter, more proficient performance than the one 12 years previous, though not lacking in any of the exuberance shown then! The source materials, direct from the people who lived through remarkable experiences, remain as inspirational for performers as ever.

Track list

  1. Regiments’ Music
  2. Song of the Recruits
  3. Do You Remember England?
  4. Rest and Relief
  5. The Ambulance Train
  6. No Heroes No Cowards
  7. Can Can
  8. Hawtin’s Anabasis
  9. Back Home Again
  10. Bob A Bloody Day
  11. The Valley of the Shadow
  12. Bright Battalions
  13. Days of Pride Medley

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The Living Archive Band
Kevin Adams:  fiddle, vocals, mandolin, harmonica
Brad Bradstock: vocals, melodeon
Paul Clark: guitar
Neil Mercer: (musical director) mandolin, guitar, trumpet, pipes
Marion Hill: vocals, percussion
Michele Welborne; vocals, penny whistle, percussion

Comments about this page

  • Wow this brings back so many memories. I was in the 1994 version of the play. Such fond memories. I miss everyone so much.

    By Jamie Young (07/10/2022)
  • Have not heard the ‘new’ version, but I was in the cast the night that Hawtin spoke on stage. It still send shivers down my spine when i remember it, so I agree with Steve’s comment about the ‘buzz.’
    Also, though the ‘new’ version of ‘All Change’ is nice, it lacks the drive and urgency of the original.

    By jon bell (23/10/2014)
  • Not too sure about this:
    “The songs here are taken from the revival of the play in 1994 – a tighter, more proficient performance than the one 12 years previous…”
    I had the pleasure and the privilege of playing in the band that put on the original performances and that last night when Hawtin was in the audience, we all played for him.
    OK, the original performance had its hiccups, but it was *original* and nothing can replace the buzz that occurred then.

    By Steve Cobham (03/01/2014)

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