Ballast train on Bletchley flyover 1961

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Ballast train working on the nearly completed Bletchley flyover, Queensway, Bletchley, 1961.

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  • My dad drove a caterpillar drott bulldozer digging out the underpass here on buckingham road

    By Stuart rouse (05/01/2024)
  • I can remember the Flyover being built ,but unfortunately as we started a new school called Wilton in 1955 built on the site of an old RAF base we lost a young friend under the old bridge she was only 11 years old

    By Josephine Mabbutt (29/08/2020)
  • That’s my dad on the motorbike

    By Lisa Wilkinson (04/05/2020)
  • Moved here from kent.february 2nd 1967.
    absolutely nothing ..just part of forfar roads leading to bletchley.A walk All the way up to rickley lane then down to buckingham road.the tin shops still there,no flyover..Duncombe street!
    the cattle market,i used to bid for rabbits and hare,buy live chickens and cart them home on my little boys’pushchair..lonely,isolated,hard up!a long way from home.however my boys could play out and knew every tree in every wood,field,copse or spinney every natural pond..cold harbour(now furzton..ha ha!!the bowl was flettons brickworks quarry..beacon brushes pond..the playing fields surrounded by absolutely nothing…but fields woods and abundant wildlife ..natural wells…but that has all changed..for the better!! ?? i could go on!!

    By bletchley ? mk pioneer (30/11/2017)
  • this photo brig.back memory the.accident.i had in 1963.with my.motorbike.and car.of
    junction .bletchley .road.and to the people
    help me.

    By alberto cerrone (18/01/2015)

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