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  • Such Happy memories of train rides on the Newport Nobby early years from 1946 – around 1958 We lived in New Bradwell until i was 7 years old moving to Stony Sratford My father Edward Goodman owned the scrap iron yard which our families called the “top yard” as my Uncle Bill owned the bottom yard Newport Road New Bradwell their was a spur! which branched off into Goodman scrap metal yard (top yard) railway waggons could then be shunted from the main line into the yard. i first travelled with Goodman cousins later with my best friend Judith Barlow starting our journey at New Bradwell it took roughly 1 hour for the journey both ways, There was a house next door to our yard a Mr and Mrs Clamp lived in it as Mr Clamp worked at Wolverton Railways so it could have been a railway house. whenever my cousins or myself were at the yard Mrs Clamp gave us a drink and cake I even could have been on the last journey of Newport Nobby 1964 My father retired at the age of 82 selling the land which is now a housing estate always sad not one close named Goodmans Close as it was just after the war my father started his busuiness,I am now 82 Rosalie Oborne Nee Goodman

    By rosalie Osborne (22/04/2021)

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