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Some scenes in these films may not be suitable for viewers under 12 years. We strongly advise adult viewing before screening any of our films to young people.


Leo (2009)

15 minute drama about the dilemma of a young man facing choices in a life changing situation and his encounters with the consequences of his decisions.

Haywire (2005)

10 minute drama about a teenage lad finding out he was adopted and then going on a search for his birth mother.

*The Reserve (2006)

A 10 minute mysterious drama that challenges the characters’ moral convictions, created by Sixth Form Art and Drama students from The Radcliffe School.

*Sorry (2002)

15 minute drama made by the Loft Youth Project at Bletchley Leisure Centre about a young person taking drugs and the impact this has on his life, his family and friends.

*Innocent (2005)

An 8 minute horror film about a child luring adults into the forest, made by young people furthering their film-making skills.

*7 Days (2002)

11 minute drama made by young people in foster care. The film is based on a young girl who is rejected by her mother, and runs away from her foster home, 7 days before her 16th birthday.

*Castle House (2005)

A 10 minute ‘mock-u-mentary’ made by Alternatives at Rathbone exploring popular perceptions of young people in alternative education.

Crimewatch (2001)

11 minute drama made by young people living on a deprived estate in Milton Keynes and is about a 13 year old boy bullied into shoplifting.

Stolen Smile (2005)

A 10 minute drama by Lyrical Lizards writing group at Sir Frank Markham Community School about one girls struggle to come to terms with the loss of her mum.

Outkast (2001)

14 minute drama made by young people at risk of being excluded from school. The film looks into the bullying of a 15 year old boy by his stepsister and her friends.

Eggboy (2005)

A 10 minute drama made by 16+ group at Redway School about a ‘Stranger’ that suddenly appears needing the group’s help.

Reality Check (2000)

17 minute drama made by young parents in MK about the realities of being a young parent.

Visual/ Music

Faith (2005)

A 10 minute film made by groups of young people from Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Christian communities exploring their own interpretation of a text from their religion.

Who Am I? (2003)

A 10 minute visual film by three refugees exploring their lives and futures through poetry and imagery.

*Everything Changes (2003)

8 minute dance and music film made with groups of young people on the theme of territory.


Amy’s Dream (2009)

A 5 minute animated fantasy based on recollections by the children about their real experiences on their ‘best day ever’, amalgamated into a story that imaginatively expresses their feelings and emotions.

Rabbit Land (2006)

A 3 minute stop-motion animation film made by a pupil from The Walnuts School, a romantic story about rabbits, her favourite animals. watch

*Horror Land (2006)

A 6½ minute animated spoof horror story about three friends at a theme park made by three young people from The Walnuts School in Milton Keynes. watch

Forest (2005)

An 8 minute animation made by Queen Eleanor Combined School about a struggle between man and nature and the power of the sea


*MK Youth (2008)

A 6 minute documentary that looks at Milton Keynes through the eyes of the young people, exploring their feelings both positive and negative, about living in Milton Keynes.

*Hand in Hand (2002)

15 minutes documentary made by young people mainly from Bletchley and Central Milton Keynes exploring the connection between crime and drugs.

My Roots My Music (2007)

A 25 minute documentary *‘Merking Time’ about the roots of urban and grime music and six mini-documentary family heritage films, made by 13-19 year olds in Milton Keynes.

*A Day In (2002)

A powerful and hard-hitting 17 minute documentary following a group of excluded school students as they visit HMP Wellingborough Prison for the first time. The film captures their experience as they meet and interview the prisoners.

Darkness Visible (2006)

AWARD WINNING – 11 minute film, a sensitive and thought provoking documentary about mental health issues, made by a small group of 15-17 year olds in Milton Keynes.

No More Bullying…Now!

20 minute docu-drama made by Milton Keynes People First, a group of people with learning difficulties supporting each other. Whilst expressing their feelings about being bullied, this is an educational film informing people how to deal with bullying.

Seeking (2003)

AWARD WINNING – 10 minute documentary film made by a group of asylum seekers about their experiences of gaining asylum and living in Milton Keynes. The film reflects the young people’s frustrations with the inconsistencies of the system that deals with their claims for refugee status.

Our Future in Beaumont Leys (2001)

14 minute documentary made by young people living on a deprived estate in Leicester looking at the opportunities for young people.

Urban Chaos (2003)

An 8 minute film made by young skateboarders looking into the issues of prejudices about skateboarding and the need for a skate park.

*My Territory (2000)

27 minute documentary made by young Asian men in Bletchley looking at their relationships with the police.

Just Like You (2002)

12 minute docu-drama film made by young people with special learning needs looking into their personal lives as teenagers.

 Commissioned by Organisations

Identities (2007)

Six short films made in Milton Keynes as part of a regional pilot in 2007 for the national Identities Project. Identities is the production of film and moving image content focused on identity and memory in Birth, Childhood and Adolescence, Adulthood, Future Vision and Aspiration. These films will be part of a pioneering, integrated and interactive virtual repository on a website, to be launched in 2008, preserving individual and community stories for future generations.

*Changes (2004)

14 minute interactive educational drama film funded by the DFES and CAMHS in Darlington. This drama told three vulnerable young people’s stories highlighting the difficulties surrounding asking for help.

Carers Bucks (2006)

A 20 minute documentary highlighting the needs and difficulties of being a young carer to be shown in schools to help other young people identify themselves as a young carer. Commissioned by Carers Bucks and Connexions.

*Making It Reel (2003)

8 minute documentary film commissioned by MKOB Connexions looking at how the Voluntary sector is uniquely placed to identify and work with young people at risk and how these organisations positively impact their lives. The film was used to inform MP’s about the needs of vulnerable young people.

Restorative Justice (2005)

A 45 minute documentary with four chapters outlining the process and benefits of a restorative approach to conflict resolution in schools. Commissioned by Milton Keynes Educational Psychology Service and MK Council 2005.

Vandalism and You! (2003)

10 minute dramatised interactive DVD looking at the consequences of vandalism on the community and its people. The film was commissioned by Milton Keynes Council and the Milton Keynes Safety Centre where it currently installed.

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