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Marion’s latest bookA Century of Campaigning: People’s Stories about the Labour Party in Milton Keynes 1917-2017 – has just been published!

The project was commissioned to commemorate the Labour Party’s Centenary in the Milton Keynes area 1917-2017. It is built on stories from people in the MK Labour Party, interviewed by Living Archive MK between 2016 and 2018; but it also includes other memories and documentary material collected by LAMK since 1976 of local people’s experiences from the start of the 20th century. Marion says: ‘The provenance is infinite – there are many stories still to be told; but those in this project perhaps evoke some challenges, controversies, achievements and personalities that comprise Labour’s first centenary in Milton Keynes.’

The century covers a tumult of both national and local phenomena: social upheaval – with the imposition of wars and government policies; controversial party leadership including Robert Maxwell and Tony Blair; and transformation – from rural to modern living. It also covers the multiplicity of people’s efforts to overcome problems – by campaigning

The book can be ordered here.

“Marion Hill is, in my opinion the most knowledgeable, and easily readable, author currently (and possibly ever) writing about this area.
If you want to find out more about the heritage of Milton Keynes read virtually anything she has written.
Thank you, Marion, for so many enjoyable contributions.” – Colin Bownes

Other books by Marion Hill:
Marion Hill has lived and worked in the Milton Keynes area since 1972. After 23 years as a teacher – including ten at Stantonbury Campus where both her sons were educated – Marion started writing the first of 21 books based on the lives of ordinary people and their extraordinary experiences, inspired by the vast archive of memorabilia, diaries, letters and photographs at Living Archive. No less than 16 of her books have focussed on the various communities, eras and unique events that constitute the new city’s rich heritage.

Marion’s more recent books:
The Milton Keynes Songbook (2017) – MK people’s stories behind the Living Archive Band’s best loved songs, professionally transcribed by Craig McLeish – accessible to all MK singers! (£10)
Mud, Sweat and the Rule of Law (2016) people’s stories of MK’s Rugby Clubs (£5)
The Milton Keynes Book of Days of the Great War (2014) – every day of the year is covered by stories from contemporary letters, diaries, reminiscences, news articles and photographs. (£10)

Some of Marion’s earlier books focus on particular areas of Milton Keynes:
Bigger, Brighter, Better – about Bletchley 1944-66 (£5)
The Story of the Original CMK – the vision and creation of MK’s iconic city centre (£20)
Calverton Manor Farm – rural life near Stony Stratford from the 1930s (£4.99)
Bradwell Then and NowMK’s early railway community as it was – and is now (£12.99)

Or they are about particular times in Milton Keynes’ history:
Bletchley Park People the extraordinary, ordinary people helping the war-effort (£8)
Where the Lines Meet Bletchley’s railway heritage from those who lived it (£5)
Memories of Milton Keynesnatives and settlers reminisce (£12.99)
Milton Keynes Through Timethe six towns and 43 villages of MK Borough (£12.99)
Milton Keynes Then and Now – the new city area from 150 million years ago! (£12.99)
[Marion’s taster for this book – What you might not know about Milton Keynes – can be viewed here]

But there are others further afield you might be interested in

The Honeypot Killers
The Honeypot Killers
A ‘docu-fiction’: the true story, from the 1880s to 1918, of two brothers who killed to defend their territory, but who received very different rewards. Their story is told through those whose lives they touched, many of them later having illustrious and distinguished careers.
Price: £2.50
Price: £2.00

All proceeds from all Marion Hill’s books featured here go to Living Archive MK.

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