The New Inn, New Bradwell.

The New Inn
The New Inn

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  • My grandparents Edward Resevoir Goodman traveling Romany Gypsy (not tinkers please) they had 2 caravans at the side of the New Inn my father was one of 12 boys 3 sisters when there father died the boys were left money my father Edward (Ted) Goodman bought the land opposite and started a scrap metal yard his brother Bill did the same in Newport Road Arthur had a yard at Bletchly Tavistock Street and is still there today when my dad retired at 82 years old sold the land and is now a housing estate always made me sad not one close was named Goodman as the family lived there in New Bradwell for many many years there is a family grave in the cemetery along the Newport Road just inside the gate a square large grave gran grampy Goodman were well like by the Bradwell people as they looked after the poor children during after world war11 giving them a meal as the pot was going all day there are still quite a few of us alive and get together my father died at 92 Rosalie Osborne nee Goodman we lived in Stony Stratford from just after the war

    By rosalie Osborne (12/05/2021)

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