Photograph of 18th century house in Old Bradwell (1971)

Photograph of  18th century house in Old Bradwell (1971)
Photograph of 18th century house in Old Bradwell (1971)

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  • During the 1960s Bradwell House in the village of Old Bradwell became the home and studio of stained-glass artist Harry J. Stammers who moved there from York where he had founded the York School of Contemporary Glass Painting which gave birth to other stained-glass artists of note.

    Many windows were produced in the Old Bradwell studio until failing health was to bring a lifetime of beautiful creativity to an end. His legacy of church windows can be found throughout the British Isles and even as far away as Seoul in Korea. The cathedrals of Lincoln and Canterbury contain his work. The most notable of any local examples of his work that were manufactured in Old Bradwell is the west window of St.James Church in New Bradwell.

    By the time he moved to Old Bradwell his style of work had become increasingly modernistic and had moved away from the more traditional work of his earlier years.
    The Bradwell studio employed at most 5 local people who were engaged in the actual manufacture of the windows once Harry Stammers had completed all the preliminary artwork.
    I was fortunate enough to gain employment with Mr.Stammers when I left school in 1960. I worked for him until his health declined and forced the closure of the studio. The house was sold and the family moved to Stony Stratford where Mrs.Stammers nursed Harry until his death in 1969.

    A large commission that was manufactured at Bradwell was a series of 5 large windows that occupy the Lady Chapel of the beautiful church of St. Mary Redcliffe in Bristol.

    Much of his work can now be found on the internet if one types his name and does an image search.

    Harry Stammers grave can be found in the churchyard of St. Lawrence’s Church, Old Bradwell were he lies with his wife Grace and his youngest son Richard.

    Recently Henry Hinchcliffe has produced a beautiful book describing the life and work of Harry Stammers which is full of superb photographs that cover pretty well every window that he made during his lifetime.

    By Peter Roberts (02/04/2021)

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