Interview with Mrs Perkins (b.1903) and Ernest Perkins (b.1904) about employment at Bletchley Park by the Leon family and the Bletchley Show.

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  • By Robert Excell (28/03/2020)
  • Mrs Robinson mentioned by Valerie Nichols in the above comment was Mrs Perkins mother.

    By Robert Excell (28/03/2020)
  • My late mother Margaret Prestidge worked at Bletchley Park from the age of sixteen ( 1931 ) working in the kitchen plus undertaking other domestic duties around the house..
    The cook at the time was Miss Buckland who came from Hotspur Park London and would invite my mother back home when they had time off from their chores
    My mother also mentions a Mrs Robinson who lived in the village and would help in the kitchen. My mothers states in her memoirs that she was very green and gullible at the time and Mrs Robinson would tease her in the nicest possible way about the rights and wrongs of food preparation etc !
    In the spring Lady Leon would spend two months at her London residence in Cleveland Row and would be very involved with young debutantes about to be presented to the Queen.
    The staff at Bletchley Park would use this time to completely spring clean the entire house. When lady Leon’s returned she would host numerous dinner parties throughout the summer months for her friends .
    Her guests always dressed formally for dinner and according to my mother looked stunning as did the men in their formal dinner suits !
    The gardens were spectacular and my mother remembers the scroll garden,the sunken garden and a maze and lily pond!
    My mother stayed at Bletchley park for two years and was extremely happy there but felt at eighteen it was time to move on.

    By Valerie Nicholls (30/10/2017)
  • my previous comments regarding my mothers employment at Bletchley Park included a comment about her being baptised
    This is incorrect .
    It was her previous employer Mrs Entwistle of Kenilworth House who arranged my mothers baptism at the age of fourteen
    Sorry for the confusion
    If you would like me to send my mothers memories of her working life at Bletchley Park in 1931 I am happy to do so !

    By Valerie Nicholls (23/10/2017)
  • my late mother Kathleen Prestidge worked in the kitchens as a young girl circa 1931- 33
    she wrote very eloquently about her time there but unfortunately no photos exist
    Lady Leon also organised my mothers baptism along with children from the village
    Kathleen had very fond memories of her time at Bletchley park pre second world war
    Is there further information I can glean ?
    Mr and Mrs Perkins interview brought everything back to me re my mothers memoirs

    By Valerie Nicholls (23/10/2017)

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